Why "Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries" As A Name For This Website?

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The Reason For The Name "Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries" For This Website!

1.  I believe we should watch our lives based on Bible teachings
starting with accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord & Saviour.
As we look at the news we should keep an eye on the prophetic Bible verses because we will see that prophecy is being fulfilled. Jesus said "look up for your redemption draweth nigh", simply modernized be ready I (Jesus) am returning soon.

2.  To put it simply Ezekiel's vision of the " Valley Of Dry Bones " is prophecy of Israel being restored to the promised land in Palestine in these last days going all the way up to the millenium Jesus Christ's 1000 years of ruling the Earth which is when Israel will finally have true peace.
Ezekiel 37 and his vision of the Valley of Dry Bones secondary meaning
is about National Revival, Church Revival and Personal Revival.

We hope and pray this website will help Christians be encouraged in their life for Christ, to love Israel and all Jews, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and that non-believers through this website will become saved and believe in Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
We are already praying for all that visit this website. We are happy to pray for any of your specific needs when you contact us by e-mail or through our Contact Page.

The point is the above things are some of what we hope and plan
to inform about and to accomplish through Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch.


As of 4-20-2008 we have decided to add to this website's name "Ministries".
So the full name of this website is "Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries".

We are still not yet incorporated but except for that, our online presence has evolved into ministry. We have a fairly good internet presence with Yahoo chat groups including a Prayer Warriors group, a group about End Times Prophecy and disasters as well as being overseer (basically Pastor of) an On Line Bible Church. This is besides Bible study blogs I have started, Bible Studies I have done for one of our websites and also Bible studies I sometimes do for other groups.

In fact if you Google "Pastor Bill Mazzulla" or "Pastor William Mazzulla", you will see how many times we and some of our sites are listed.

So since our internet presence and ministry of teaching God's Word and praying for others has expanded into a real ministry we have decided to add the word "Ministries" to this website's name; resulting in the new name "Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries".