Updated 6-2-2012

What's New
Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries
is in another process of change.

I have discovered that having 2 websites
costs more then one upgraded website.

So I had hoped to have everything corrected by now. AND the memory increase for our site will be way more then double the memory of the two sites that I had up to now.
The internal links are currently not all correct. I am in the process of deleting links that go to pages no longer in existence.

Our internet ministry has had a new focus of reaching out to the world in their native languages that is not our only internet focus but our main internet focus. I also minister when and where possible here in Maine.

As summer (2012)is here and once again I have decided to make a new refocussed concerted concentrated effort on using much of my spare time on our internet ministry and to work on our websites.

Please bookmark the web--page
http://e37bwgodsword.faithweb.com/Ezekiel37BibleWatchMinistries/index.html because this my original website is more like a placer to redirect to the above site.
However there are still some web-pages on this site of spiritual value if you choose to browse it.

Here at this site some site links, especially internal links might not all work correctly as I will be mainly concentrating on our new URL's.
The internal links for the new Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries definitely do not all work but I hope to begin to fix them soon. Please be patient with us as we go through changes, growth etc of our web ministry.

Coming Attractions

We are planning on adding more languages to our fairly new site:
God's Word in Many Languages.

I am open to suggestions as to which language(s) should be next in sharing the Word of God. If my resources have the requested language (and my computer can handle the fonts) then I will attempt to get it on God's Word in Many Languages within a month (31 days) of when requested.

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