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Jesus loved you and I enough to die for our sins, and to prove it.......
He rose from the grave and is now in Heaven praying for you and me.

Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries

is in another process of change.

I have discovered that having 2 websites costs more then one upgraded website.
So I hope to switch everything over to one website by March. AND the memory increase
for our site will be way more then double the memory of the two sites I had up to now.
The internal links are currently not correct.
I hope to eventually have them fixed.

So please bookmark the web-page

For technical reasons some site links, especially internal links will not all work correctly.
Please be patient with us as we go through changes, growth etc of our web ministry.
Hopefully all will be in working order soon. How soon I am not yet sure.
It depends on how much spare time I have to work on my websites since this is a
self-supporting ministry, since I am the only one,
and I have secular employment also.

This website was in the process of getting a new look for many of it's pages.
However that process somehow caused us to loose some content and links.
Before I could add back in everything that was previously on this site:
our ministry after praying about it; has had a refocus.
We still blog on occasion and still tend to our Yahoo chat groups.

Our refocus includes these sites:
1. God's Word in Many Languages
2. Twitter = Pastor Bill's Twitter page.
3. Facebook Evangelist Bill Mazzulla

We apologize ahead of time if you find any of our web-pages on this site incomplete.
And also for any problems at our new location now under contstruction!
The good news is there is still plenty of content and good links on this website!

Battling Addictions? Thinking about Suicide?
There is HOPE. God LOVES you and we do too!
Read the Bible verses on this page.
Even if you are doing fine; it doesn't
hurt to read the Bible verses on this
page as a reminder of how much
Jesus LOVES you.


Eventually I had planned on putting Bible passages in many
different Languages on this web-site and the corresponding links.
I had already started putting them on this site and realized that I do
not have enough memory left on this site for the complete project.

It is a new project of mine with the help of an internet
friend and permission to copy her language web-pages.

Here are 2 major links

1. My new site and project: God's Word in Many Languages in it's early stages.

2. My sources from my internet friend for this languages Biblical project:
Bible Passages in Many Languages.


Battling Addictions? Thinking about Suicide?
There is HOPE.  God LOVES you and we do too!
Read the Bible verses on this page. Even if you are doing fine;
it doesn't hurt to read the Bible verses
on this page as a reminder of how much Jesus LOVES you.

Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries

"E37BW Ministries And Friends" webring.

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Regular Home-page

Why This Website Name

About Us Page

Ezekiel Chapter 37 (Large Print)


Note: If you were navigating through a webring and do not see it on this page then to go to
More Webrings and Links

Ezekiel Bible Watch - Regular Home-page

Jesus loves you.
Ο Ιησούς σας αγαπά.
Jesus vous aime.
Jesus le ama.
Jesus liebt Sie.
Jesus li ama.
Сынок бога, Jesus любит вас.
Jesus ama-o.
Jesus houdt van u.

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Lewiston/Auburn Church of God is our home church. For more information visit
the L-A Church of God website.

Pastor Bill's Twitter page.

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We hope and pray that Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries is a blessing to you.
This website was our first attempt into ministry on the internet back in the mid-summer of 2004.
In spite of mistakes in HTML code and losing hours of work more then once;
with God's help,we have been successful in developing and expanding our internet ministries.
We now have several Christian websites, several Christian groups, and the first webring we adopted,
we caused it to grow, while starting another Christian webring.
Eventually we signed the first Christian webring over to a net member and many of our websites are still members there.
That is besides Christian webrings we have more recently adopted, other webrings we are members of,
other groups I am posting in, helping moderate and both of us praying for as well as praying
for you and for other Christian ministries.
Our complete web ministry now goes under the name Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries.

Why So Many Links?
To glorify Jesus Christ with a variety of information
and presentations related to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why So Many Links?
At least twice by 2 different people this has been mentioned to me.
Some webrings we joined are on the web-page that is most appropriate.
The webrings we are members are sometimes on more then one page since we decided to promote individual webpages within our webring.
We joined so many webrings that we had to start a webring page so that this home-page would not be overly cluttered.
Also, we now have several Yahoo Forum groups, several websites and 2 webrings.
Most of those links are on on this website.
Then on top of that there are many websites that either I found the whole website impressive or I discovered something of
value on those websites that we thought would be either entertaining, helpful or encouraging to you in your Christian life.

Introduction to us;
My full name is:
Pastor William Reynard Mazzulla III (the third).
I am an evangelist and Bible teacher as well as an internet pastor.
When E-mailing me - you can address me as Pastor Bill, or Brother Bill is fine.
My wife's name is Rosemary Elizabeth Mazzulla.
You can address her as Sister Rosemary.
Sister Rosemary has a ministry of prayer, singing and of encouragement.
For more information about us; click the link the About Us Page

To contact us: copy and paste my e-mail address into your e-mail.

Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries

Welcome To:
Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries

owners of

Pastor Bill's Newsletter.

EPW - Ezekiel's Prayer Warriors.

Pastor Bill's Blog of Ministry & God's Word

The Rose Garden

God and Disasters

Missions And Ministries

Ministry & Business Blog

Bible Study on Ezekiel

Owner/founder of this webring
Ministries And Friends

WTG with WTG!
Way To Go with Words, Thesaurus, Grammar!

Co-owner of these groups:

This group has devotionals, teachings prayer requests and prayers for you.
Posts on the above subjects are welcomed!
Founder/owner Brother Cody G. Carson
has appointed me to be Pastor over
Online Bible Church

This group deals with respect of life & Pro-life issues.
Terri_Schindler_Schiavo - In Remembrance: Terri Schindler-Schiavo

Introductory page to Terri Schiavo Pro-Life chat group
This link is a simple introduction page to the above
"In Remembrance: Terri Schindler-Schiavo" chat group.
It explains what this Pro-Life group is all about!


Also co-owner of this group:

Reagan Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Republicans,
Conservatives, Constitution Party and Tea Party.
We're all Americans from varied affiliations.
Let's discuss 2012 together at
Reagan Forge.


Moderator of these groups:

HTML group - learning and exploring the mysteries of HTML.

This FCE forum is NOT for fans
and all memberships must be approved.
FCE - The Fellowship of Christian Entertainers


God Loves You!
Jesus Loves You!

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee,
Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
John 3:3

But God commendeth His love toward us, in that,
while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8


For a wonderful graphical presentation of Jesus Christ click "The Way" link.
It might take a little while to upload, especially if you are using a modem
(DSL & cable should be OK)    BUT it is worth the wait.

The Way
is provided by   Free Christian Content.org


Nature Declares
Christ's Creation!
Nature Declares
God's Glory!

If you are seeking truth,
send us your questions

If you know Jesus as your Saviour we would also be glad to hear from you.

Copy & paste my e-mail address into your e-mail:

For news of what's happening in Israel;
click here; and get the news from the source
--- Israel National Radio.

And I will bless them that bless thee,
and curse him that curseth thee:
and in thee shall all families
of the earth be blessed.
Genesis 12:3

Click here to see a Flash Presentation of the Gospel Message,
and how to Get Saved based on Bible Scripture verses about God's love for you.

If we should meet and you forget me, you have lost nothing


If you meet JESUS and forget HIM you have lost everything!

One way you could help our ministry is to help cover our costs of this
internet ministry by making a check or money order out to:

Rev. William Mazzulla III

and send it to:

Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries
c/o Rev. William Mazzulla III
193 Washinton Ave.
Auburn, ME O4210

Any amount will be helpful and appreciated!

Please note:
At this time we are NOT incorporated
so please DO NOT claim any money to this ministry on your taxes.
That would only get us and you in trouble.

Whenever we get incorporated, I will add that information to this page.



In my opinion, the above"GodTube link" is not a substitute for "You Tube"
but "GodTube" is a safe place for Christians and their children
who are looking for "Christian only" net videos.


The OC blog - The Our Cockaktiels Blog


Webrings are easy to surf for all
Website owners: webrings increase traffic!

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Our webring: Ministries And Friends


Our friend Anne founded this group.
I happen to be moderator in all of Anne's group.

The Reagan Forge:
For Tea Party, Constitution Party, Conservatives,
Republicans, Libertarians, Independents,
and hawk Democrats. Come debate!
Click to join ReaganForge


Learning the mysteries of HTML together.
Click to join HTMLWiz

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Concerning Search Engines, Advertisements, Webrings & Links:

Some of the Search Engines and links are either secular or have secular sponsors
so a little tolerance is needed. If you come across anything offensive on our
website and/or webrings please contact us and we will see what we can do.

As far as Webrings and links go, they are on our webpages
because there is useful information on the links and within
the webrings but I am not endorsing everything within the
webrings and not everything found on the links.

Just like churches there are many different points of view
so use The Word Of God, the Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit to discern truth as you browse these sights.
For example, within the "Eschatology Webring" there are many helpful websites about the Last Days,
while within that same webring their are also non-Christian websites about the Last Days.
Some are not helpful because they are even from a New Age and Occultic perspective.
By the way we do not support the New Age and Occultic
perspective because they are non-Christian and un-Biblical.

As the saying goes "chew the meat...spit out the bones".

Happy browsing!

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Website by internet Pastor Bill Mazzulla


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